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Working with me can help you learn strategies and tools that will help you implement a healthy lifestyle and will have a positive impact on your body and mind not only now but also in the long term. More than just reducing unpleasant symptoms, you want to feel happier, healthier and more optimistic about the future. 


Take the first step towards that direction today. Email me now or visit my website to book your first free session. This session is an opportunity for you to clarify your needs and see if the fit is right. My services are flexible and accessible. I offer online sessions, which is convenient and easy to fit into your busy life.


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Additional Information

The cost per therapy session is within the usual rates for psychological services (90$). The frequency and overall number of session may vary based on your needs. This will be explicitly discussed at the first session. 

In certain cases, rates could be adjusted to your income. Inquire about sliding-scale rates possibilities. 

I’ve earned a BSc and MSc in developmental psychology (psychoeducation) from Montreal University. 

Psychoeducation is a field that allies psychology and education. The training is both theoretical, strongly rooted in evidence-based practices in the field of behavioral sciences, and practical, promoting the development of critical thinking skills (understanding behavior and learning processes), as well as, clinical abilities (intervention strategies promoting adaptation and behavior change).

For more information about my training, you may consult my LinkedIn page.

For some of you who are familiar with the lingo or may want to do a bit more of an extensive research, my approach is mainly based on cognitive-behavioral and systemic principles.

More about my approach here.

I work with clients suffering from various mental health difficulties including (but not exclusively): anxiety disorders, mood disorders and addiction. I also work with clients who may be experiencing  challenging life transitions personally and/or professionally.

Absolutely. Most of my clients are unfamiliar with some of the symptoms they are experiencing and sometimes unsure if this process is right for them. 

First contact with me is entirely free of charge and will allow you to discuss your needs and concerns, to then decide if this kind of therapy is right for you. If not, I will be happy to refer you to other services. 

Need more information about the challenges of living abroad (expats problems) or expats services, you may also consult my FAQ section here , contact me directly here or read through my blog Expat Psych Resources

Not necessarily. There are multiple reasons why people may choose online therapy here’s a few common reasons: 

1. Finding a therapist that can treat a specific condition

2. Meetings can be easier to fit into a busy schedule

3. It may be easier to find a therapist that speaks their native language

4. Frequent travels/nomadic lifestyle

5.  Living in a rural area with limited access to services

6. Feeling safer in the comfort of their home


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