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The online coaching sessions are ideal for individuals who might be going through a life transition (expatriation/career/separation) and/or need support to integrate healthy life habits (nutrition/exercise/sleep). 

Coaching offers a comprehensive and structured approach to address those difficulties. Significant psychological factors influencing the capacity to adopt new habits are addressed to foster long term changes and increase awareness of current behaviors patterns. 

Contact me to book a free 15-minutes session to know if online coaching corresponds to your needs.

Read more about my approach here.

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Additional Information

The cost per session for coaching fluctuates depending on the intensity of the follow-up and per case. This will be explicitly discussed during the first free session. 

In some cases, rates may be adjusted to your income. Inquire about sliding-scale rates counseling and coaching possibilities.  Contact me for more information. 

I’ve earned a BSc and MSc in developmental psychology (psychoeducation) from Montreal University. 

Psychoeducation is a field that allies psychology and education. The training is both theoretical, strongly rooted in evidence-based practices in the field of behavioral sciences, and practical, promoting the development of critical thinking skills (understanding behavior and learning processes), as well as, clinical abilities (intervention strategies promoting adaptation and behavior change).

For more information about my training, you may consult my LinkedIn page.

Depending on which country you live in, different professional acts and titles are attributed to mental health professionals based on their training and experience. Most psychotherapists/counselors have at least a masters degree, in addition to clinical training. Psychologists/psychiatrists often have a Phd (though in some countries psychologists may also have a masters). Regardless of their titles, mental health professionals, may work with very different approaches. You may want to research them before starting a therapy process: cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, psychodynamic, systemic. 

Coaching is not a protected title and may include; professionals with no formal training to fully trained psychologists.

Before starting a therapy or coaching process, I would encourage you to ask your therapist to discuss her/his approach and experience. This will allow you to assess if it suits your needs. The therapist should be open to this process, if not, I’d strongly recommend seeking the help of another professional.This may save you valuable time, money and most importantly ensure that you are putting your trust in good hands


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