Online therapy abroad

Individual online therapy sessions can help you reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, as well as, helping you handle the difficulties of living abroad (isolation, global health, relationship problems, etc). 

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ONline coaching

Short term, goal-oriented individual coaching sessions and workshops targeting a specific theme: integration of a healthy habits (diet, physical exercise, sleep improvement), life transitions. 

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Running for mental health

 Let’s run and do a short meditation together! Open community-based group, running for mental health and meeting in various locations. This month we are in Budapest.

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Online therapy, coaching and resources for expats

global HEALTH

Psychological and physical factors taken into equal consideration throughout the process.


Development and reinforcement of mindfulness-based skills. Such skills may help stress reduction and have a positive impact on attention, concentration and emotional regulation.

stress reduction

Learning healthy strategies to handle stress may increase wellbeing as chronic stress has significant impacts on physical and psychological health.


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