An online mental health counsellor.

More than just reducing unpleasant symptoms, I can support you to develop tools that will help you feel happier, healthier and more optimistic about the future.

Online therapy, coaching and resources for expats

About me

Since completing a master of science in developmental psychology (psychoeducation) at the Université de Montréal, I’ve worked with clients dealing with various mental health difficulties including: anxiety, depression and addictions, but also experiencing challenging life transitions. Now that I’ve transitioned my counseling practice entirely online, most of my clients are people living abroad or commonly referred to as ‘’expats’’. Through online counseling, my goal is to provide accessible, high-quality mental health care.


Helpful resources for expats

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Connect with a community

Find resources on the blog about the challenges of living abroad and how to cope with them.

Counselling sessions delivered through a secure and HIPPA-compliant platform. 

On our Facebook community you can share and ask resources from fellow expats. 


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